T-Shirt Design Ideas

Anything you can imagine can be put onto a t-shirt whether it be a logo, image or photograph.  The opportunities are endless with t-shirt design ideas.  Below are just some ideas to get you started if you are stuck trying to decide on a t-shirt design.  Most of the design ideas below can be done using different techniques from airbrushing to using photo transfer paper.  You can choose whichever style is best for your new t-shirt design. When designing your own t-shirt, you want it to be unique and unlike any shirt ever seen before. Just be creative and know that your new t-shirt will stand out among the rest.

For team shirts:

This shirt would be easy to make multiples of making this a very easy project
for team shirts whether they be for sports or just for fun.  This would be very
easy to do using transfer paper and ironing the image to the t-shirt.  You could
also silk screen this image onto your t-shirt.

Show off a new family member:

This t-shirt design idea is great to show off that new member of your family.  If
you just became an aunt or uncle or jsut had a baby yourself.  You can also put a
photograph ofanyone on your t-shirt to make it unique.  This t-shirt design idea
uses photo transfer paperand the image is than printed with an ink jet printer.

Just for fun:

This t-s shirt design idea can use any shape, design or logo you
want to make unique clothes whit whatever you want on them.
For this design, you could silk screen the image onto your
t-shirt.  Silk screening works best with simple one color designs.

Combining art with your name:

When you want your name on a shirt and you want it to have
a lot of color and artistic appeal, airbrushing might be what
you will want to use.  These can be professionally done or done,
with the right materials, by yourself.  Many fairs have boothes where
you can get your own custom airbrushed t-shirt design.

Remember that all of these designs can be done not just on the front of the t-shirt but the back and sides as well.  You could make a t-shirt with a design that wraps around to the back, or one that is just on the back of the t-shirt.  The more creative you are with your design placement the more creative and unique your t-shirt will be.  If you are still unsure about what you what your t-shirt design to be, just think about things that you like.  If you have a favorite movie or tv character, you could put them on your shirt.  You can also replicate t-shirts that you have seen before.  The t shirt design ideas are endless.

Once you know what you want to put on your t-shirt you have ot decide what the best way of doing it will be.  Here are some guidelines to help determine which shirt making process is right for you.

Silk screening:

Silk screening is good for any logo or design that does not have a lot of small parts or intricate designs.  You also want an image that has one color as using more than one color while silk screening gets complicated.    The panda t-shirt above would be a good design to silk screen onto a t-shirt because it has one color and thick lines.  Silk screening your own t-shirt takes more time than say picture t-shirts but the end result looks very professional.

Photo t-shirts:

When making a photo t-shirt, you can virtually use any photograph you want as long as it will fit onto your t-shirt.  These are great if you want to make a great looking shirt without taking too much time.  With a photo t-shirt, you can also use pictures that you have edited or enhanced making them look even better on your t-shirt.

Airbrush t-shirts:

Airbrush t-shirts are a great way to show off your artistic talent on your t-shirt.  With airbrushing you draw out what you want on your t-shirt freehand resulting in a great, realistic looking t-shirt that is sure to get comments every time you wear it.  These are most commonly done by professionals but with the right equipment you can airbrush your own t-shirt in no time.